Energy Audit FAQs:What Are The Advantages of Thermal Imaging?


Thermal imaging provides an additional tool for evaluation as a part of a comprehensive energy audit.  Imaging can assist us in identifying air leakage, documenting irregular heat dispersion, and identifying possible irregularities in insulation, among other things.


Here are some problem areas within a structure that we documented with a thermal imaging camera.  Each is an example of a localized problem that will either not be identified as easily, if at all,  by use of a "basic" package of energy audit equipment. 



Here is an instance of air leakage between floors where there is some more work to be done.


 Looks like this wall was not thoroughly filled with dense packed cellulose as planned.



 The bays to either side of this window were well insulated with cellulose, but the spotting below the window suggests an area that got missed.


This cold floor in an added on room has a number of areas where there seems to be no insulation, or the air leakage is much more pronounced.






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