Traditional HVAC


Decent Energy, Inc. provides sales and service for traditional heating and cooling equipment as a component of its solutions.


"High efficiency" heating and cooling equipment is only highly efficient as rated when it is installed correctly.  In addition, the efficiency claims depend upon the system being properly sized for the structure's unique characteristics.  Systems need to be provided with the correct refrigerant charge.  Further, they need to be teamed with correctly designed duct work.

What this means is that paying premium prices for a high efficiency system without addressing the duct system is unlikely to produce much benefit for the premium price.  Many area homes were built in the 1960s when duct design was based largely on requirements heating only.  Cooling requires additional volumes of air that can only be provided by duct modification.  As a complementary measure the cooling requirements can be reduced through shell improvements.

Sealing and insulating duct work in unconditioned areas such as attics, crawl spaces and garages is critical. Leaky, uninsulated duct work in unconditioned spaces can easilly have the impact of reducing delivered efficiency by 1/3 or more.


Oversized systems present many problems, such as rapid rotting of furnace flues (heating side) and failure to control hummidity (cooling side),


As a result, Decent Energy, Inc. emphasizes placing equipment in a position to do its job, as designed.












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