Geothermal and Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)


Decent Energy, Inc. both (a) designs, installs and trouble shoots ground source heat pump systems and (b) designs, and develops true geothermal systems.

The term "geothermal" is often mistakenly used to reference both true geothermal systems - where superheated water is used to power a tubine to produce electricity, as well as ground source heat pumps (GSHP), where the earth's subsurface temperature is used to boost heating and cooling efficiency.

We work with both GSHP and true geothermal in different geographies.

Among renewable energy firms that design, install and service ground source heat pump systems, Decent Energy, Inc., differs from other companies in that:

-site assessment is conducted through a locally licensed Geologist;

-design and installations is condicted through IGSHPA (Internationational Ground Source Heat Pump Association) certified personnel;

-we run an energy model of the structure which is reconciled against past fuel consumption; and

-we bundle any GSHP system together with improvements to both building shell (air sealing and insulation) and distribution system (duct work for carying the heated or cooled air).



From the standpoint of true geothermal, our work involves the design and development of utility scale electric generation.




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