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Renewable Siting Assessments

Decent Energy, Inc. adapted the practice of a solar site asssessment to a complete renewable system siting assessment.  Yes, solar may work, but what are the other alternatives, and how do they compare?


Solar site assessments have been around for years.   A solar site assessment is a visit to your residence or business for the purpose of evaluating what sort of solar energy systems may be practical at the location. The principal focus of the site assessment is measuring how much sunlight reaches the spot or spots where a solar installation might go. If a site has excessive shading, a solar system will not perform up to its capabilities.  Because the sun's position does not remain constant throughout the year, the evaluation accounts for variations in the sun's path and angle.


By way of example, here is a panoramic view generated in the course of our evaluating the site for homeowner in Kansas City, MO where afternoon shading of a solar array is going to be an issue:


Here is similar image from a site assessment on a commercial roof top in Kansas City, MO with a 99% available solar resource:


In a renewable siting assessment Decent Energy, Inc., looks at the potential for all types of solar systems (photovoltaic, water heating, air heating) as well as geothermal, small wind, microhyro, and combined heat and power.  We take the guess work out of the decision making and provide a meaningful comparison of all avaialble alternatives that a site presents.




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