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Decent Energy, Inc. perfoms energy modeling for its own customers and for others on a contract basis. We use a variety of different computer programs for modeling electric, natural gas and other consumption for residential, commercial and industrial projects.  We also use a variety of tools for modeling the production of renewable energy systems.

We perform modeling in connection with the design and development of both energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. Using a variety of modeling tools together with utility data allows Decent Energy, Inc. to design solutions that fit customer needs.

From the standpoint of building energy models, client objectives typically involve:

-  the proper sizing of HVAC equipment;

- exploring trade offs between different improvement or ECM strategies

- quantifying projectd savings; and

- evaluating projections by other vendors.

Where possible, we reconcile our models against historical fuel use data.

From the standpoint of renewable energy systems, out models serve to:

- improve system design;

- produce more accurate projections of generation, patterns of generation and timing.

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