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Decent Energy, Inc. is the source for Decent Energysm! Comfort and savings through energy efficiency and renewable energy.  We provide both assessment and implementation services for homes, businesses, not for profits and governmental organizations.


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Decent Energy, Inc. perfoms energy modeling for its own customers and for others on a contract basis. We use a variety of different computer programs for modeling electric, natural gas and other consumption for residential, commercial and industrial projects.  We also use a variety of tools for modeling the production of renewable energy systems.

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Decent Energy, Inc. sells, designs, models, installs, and services solar systems of all kinds. This includes solar air heating systems, solar hot water systems, and solar electric systems- whether grid tied (interconnected) or off grid (standalone).  We utilize solar systems as a part of a complete tool kit for creating custom energy solutions.  All system designs are validated through computer modeling.
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